If you don’t know me very well yet, you may not know this about me, I am completely in love with fresh blooms. At any chance I get I have fresh flowers in the house. If you don’t care to change your cushions seasonally or if you feel like you’re missing some freshness in your home, pick up a bunch of flowers from the grocery store, pop them in a vase and you’ll be amazed at how your space with transform.

During this time of year I love the richness of the deep purples, sunny oranges, and scarlet reds. This post is all about picking up a couple bunches of blooms from your grocery store and creating a stunning Thanksgiving flower arrangement. I’ve put together three arrangements so whatever your budget be it $8 or $28, there’s an arrangement out there, just use your creativity!

This first arrangement is just a bit bigger than a posie. It has one stem of Dahlia, a few Gerbera Daisies and a couple stems of lisianthus. Really, these were just the left over stems for the other bouquets, but this shows that you can make many bouquets if you keep them small.

Tip: pair different textures together, for example the lisianthus is quite a delicate looking bloom while the Dahlia is very strong and has a lot of texture and detail.

This second arrangment is the most Autumnal with the colour scheme. It packs a serious texture and colour punch with the Sunflowers, Celosia, Smokebush, Ornamental Cabbage and some greenery. This is the arrangement for the sidetable in the living room, it is about $15-$20. You could also take these flowers and cut them shorter and use a small pumpkin as the vase with a piece of oasis in it, this could definitely be a beautiful centrepiece on your Thanksgiving table.

The third arrangement is the most whimsical, in my opinion. With this arrangement I kept with the whites, pinks, plum and greens. I really tried to layer the textures, heights, and types of flowers. I used Dahlias, Celosia, Gerbera Daisies, Lisianthus, Ornamental Cabbages and Greenery.

Care Tips: 

Trim the ends of the stems! Use a sharp pair of pruners, scissors, or knife, you don’t want to crush the stems. Cut at least 1.5 inches off of your flower stems.

Flowers are living things, they NEED water, if you give your flowers a drink they will pay you back in more blooms!

Clean your vase out! Who likes to live in dirty clothes?! Your flowers will thank you if you change their water every couple of days.

To “design” your arrangement, I like to hold it in my hand and one by one add more flowers, working around your whole arrangement.

Be creative and have fun!