Dry Shampoo is a very popular product on the beauty market these days. As everyone gets busier, you can’t help but want to stretch your shampooing one or two extra days. Dry
shampoo extends your hair wash which is also super beneficial for strong, healthy, shinyIMG_0401.JPG
beautiful hair. The oils coming from your scalp are very healthy and moisturising for your hair shaft and as soon as you wash your hair your rinsing away all of those oils and drying your hair out. I try not to wash my hair more than 3 times a week, so dry shampoo is a lifesaver.

Unfortunately, for all of us dry shampoo-ers, the dry shampoos you can buy are full of gross chemicals that you would never want to be spraying so close to your face and on your scalp. Whatever you put on you, goes in you. Some of the typical ingredients in these Dry Shampoos are:

  • Propane: which can be very irritating to the skin. It’s also linked with organ toxicity, especially with regular, long-term use.
  • Butane: is very irritating to the lungs, eyes, and skin. Similarly to propane, it is linked with organ toxicity. 
  • Fragrance: is also very irritating, for lungs, eyes, and skin. Fragrance is tricky as well because a company can list ‘fragrance’ on the ingredients but there can be 100s of chemicals in that fragrance that they don’t have to list, so you have no idea what fragrance actually means! 
  • Alcohol Denat: this chemical is linked to cancer, reproductive toxicity and organ system toxicity. 
  • Propylparaben: parabens mimic estrogen so propylparaben can act as a hormone (endocrine) system disruptor. This chemical also has potentially toxic effects on  your reproductive system.

So, after all of that why not make your own dry shampoo with just a couple of ingredients and avoid all those crappy chemicals!

DIY Dry ShampooIMG_0406.JPG

1 Part   Arrowroot   Flour

1 Part   Cocoa Power or  Cacao Powder   (for brunettes)

8-12 Drops Good Quality Essential Oils (your choice)

Mix all of the ingredients together.
Pour into a sealed container, I like to use a spice jar with a shaker lid, for easy use. Sprinkle dry shampoo into the roots of your hair, leave for a minute and then work through your hair.