This scrub has five ingredients in it! It smells amazing, its boy-approved and it makes your skin baby soft. This scrub uses a combination of sugar and salt, to exfoliant your skin and polish it. Typically, scrubs are either sugar or salt. A sugar scrub polishes skin by gently exfoliating because the particles of sugar are so small. Meanwhile, a salt scrub is much more exfoliating because of the larger grains of salt. I use a combination of sugar and salt
so you get the benefits of both, giving you an incredible result. The coconut oil in this scrub is super moisturising.


1/2 Cup     White Sugar

1/2 Cup     Medium Coarse Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt

1/4 Cup       Coconut Oil, melted

1-2 TBSP      Lime Zest

2 TBSP         Lime Juice


Combine all the ingredients together. Use on dry or wet skin. Work into skin using small circular motion and rinse off. IMG_0388.JPG