IMG_1659.JPGWhen I developed this recipe I was fighting a bit of a cold, but this latte kicked this cold’s butt. This turmeric latte made me feel better pretty much instantly. The combination of turmeric and ginger get your sinuses kicked into gear. The turmeric and cinnamon are anti-inflammatory so help your whole body.

Turmeric is also a very healing food to incorporate into your diet. It improves a lot of chronic digestive health problems including Crohns and IBS. Turmeric also helps regulate blood sugar levels and is anti-cancer.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory and reduces nausea which is great is you are pregnant or fighting nausea. Ginger also provides gastrointestinal relief through its antioxidant properties which counteract inflammatory compounds.

Cinnamon has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, making it the perfect thing for anyone who’s is sick! It has been proven that cinnamon also helps treat some symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimers. And of course, cinnamon is anti-inflammatory.

Turmeric Latte Recipe


1 inch piece fresh turmeric

1/2 inch piece fresh ginger

1 TSP cinnamon

3 Dates, pitted or 1/2 TSP Maple Syrup

1 Cup Almond Milk



Pour milk into a small pot, heat over medium heat. Grate ginger and turmeric into milk, I use a microplane to do this. Add cinnamon and dates to milk. Stir over heat for about 5 minutes or until quite hot, but not scalding, be careful not to boil or burn your milk!

Pour mixture into a blender and blitz it all together until smooth.

Pour into a mug and enjoy.

Alternatively: IMG_0449.JPG

Chop ginger and turmeric roughly. Add ginger and turmeric to your milk, heat on the stove stirring occasionally. Add cinnamon and dates (if you are using them). Stir over heat for about 5 minutes or until quite hot. Strain mixture into your mug, add 1/2 TSP of Maple Syrup, stir and enjoy!


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