If you read my get h{APP}y post  then you’ll know that I love to have music on in the background, pretty much no matter what I’m doing. One of my favourite streaming services is Spotify but I am also obsessed with CBC Music.

This month I’ve been working A LOT on a million different things and which means I’ve been listening to a bunch of different music. With the beginning of Fall, my music has changed to be softer, smoother and comfier.

Here’s my Playlist for October 2016!

Donovan Woods: His newest EP is a new sound for him, it’s a little less sad and has a bit more of a poppy vibe as compared to his previous albums. What They Mean has been on repeat since it was released. Donovan is currently on tour so try and check him out live, he has a great sense of humour and his banter between songs is totally worth the price of admission.

William Wild: Topher (my boyfriend) and I went to see Joseph a few nights ago and the fellas from William Wild opened up for them. We both turned to each other half through the first song and went, “oh my gosh, they are so good!” I think this is perfect dinner party or work music it’s low-key but interesting and beautiful.

Joseph: I first heard Joseph on CBC Radio 2 in the summer with their song SOS (Overboard) and I was immediately hooked. Their music is lively, inspiring, beautiful and fun. They are three sisters from Joseph, Portland, they make outstanding melodies and they put on an incredible show. Believe it or not, they are even better live.

Kirty: Again, I first heard the delightful sounds of Kirty on CBC Radio 2 and thought she was incredible, little did I know, she’s based in Toronto and her entire album is brilliant! Some songs sound a little bit haunted, with lyrics like “I’m a lover you used to know” and other songs like “That’s Not Me” are a bit more upbeat and totally lovable.

What’s on your playlist this month?