Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’m balancing a million things at the moment. There will however be some new posts next week, with delicious recipes, can you say pulled pork?! Lasagna anyone?!

On another note, this blog is filling you in on my decision to host a benefit concert for one of the most deserving organizations I know, The Barbra Schlifer Clinic. This entire blog is about balance, fuelling your body with nourishing foods and exercise and fuelling your mind with activism. Songs for the Soul is all about taking a stance against violence against women. Whatever you believe in, violence is wrong no matter what.

1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. On average it takes women 7 times to leave an abusive relationship. More than half of all sexual assault survivors who have gone to police did not find it a positive experience.

It’s 2016, these statistics are horrifying, women should not feel afraid when leaving their home or when in their home, that is not right. The Schlifer Clinic is a safe place for women.

The Schlifer Clinic is doing incredible things and is changing the landscape of organizations fighting against Violence Against Women. The Schlifer Clinic provides legal support, counselling services and translators. They are a leading organization in Canada.

I feel that this is such an amazing organization that I couldn’t help but align myself and Fuel Goodness with them. They are an organization by women, for women. In honour of that, I’ve chosen to organize a benefit concert with all female identified performers. Proceeds from the event will help more women access services at The Schlifer Clinic.

Fortunately, The Rivoli has donated their space for us to use and local businesses are donating prizes to us to use as a raffle to raise even more for The Clinic. We have a big fundraising goal of $4000 to reach. We also have some amazing singer-songwriters lined up for you, including Jadea KellyRobyn Dell’Unto, and Kirty. I couldn’t be more excited for this incredible event.

If you feel like this is a deserving cause, you can donate (without buying concert tickets) or you can buy your concert tickets here: https://fuelgoodness.yapsody.com/event/index/53601/songs-for-the-soul-at-the-rivoli

Help women free themselves from violence and support this incredible initiative.

Please, please share our Facebook event!