Recently I started using a product from Genuine Health called Fermented Whole Body Nutrition with Greens+. I’ve been using it religiously for a month now and I wanted to share it with all of you. This is not a sponsored post, so not to worry!

I add my Fermented Greens+ to water every morning and I drink it first thing, I try and drink it before coffee and before eating breakfast. I use the unflavoured or natural powder. I have found that the flavour is quite nice, Topher, my boyfriend said it took some adjusting to but it is certainly best when my water is cold. I add one scoop to my shaker bottle, shake it up, really well, and drink it! I find it refreshing, a little bit sweet but not too sweet or fake tasting. However, I haven’t tried the other two flavours that Genuine Health makes, Acai Mango and Vanilla Chai, the Vanilla Chai sounds really lovely, though. Since adding this to my routine, I find I have more energy, all of my meals digest nicely, I don’t feel bloated and my concentration has improved.

Added benefits to this product are that it helps you get more greens into your body, almost without thinking about it. Fermented Greens+ has so many superfoods packed into it including: spirulina, carrot root, chia seed, alfalfa grass, chlorella, ginseng root, Atlantic dulse root, and fermented sprouted brown rice protein concentrate, to name a few ingredients. Plus because this product is fermented, it means that you’re getting so many extra bonuses. Fermentation helps to balance the production of stomach acid, which eases the digestion process, also helping to increase the regularity of your bowel movements. Fermented foods also help to inhibit and destroy pathogenic bacteria that make you sick. Fermented foods have been used for centuries as natural medicine because there are just so many benefits to eating them!

Genuine Health’s Fermented Greens+ checks all the boxes and makes for a great choice when trying to get some more superfoods into your diet!