Hi! Welcome to Fuel Goodness, I’m Elizabeth!

I’m a food blogger and I’m training as a holistic nutritionist. I’ve suffered from digestive problems throughout my life, specifically IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and I’ve used a whole food approach to heal from the inside, out. I’m passionate about helping you to improve your digestion health and balance your hormones. I practice a whole food approach to nutrition and I love to be able to demonstrate to you that eating healthfully can be simple and delicious. I am  the founder of Fuel Goodness and my delicious recipes have been featured on many online publications including, More Than Food and Food Bloggers of Canada.

I also LOVE food, I’m an avid baker and cook. I believe in a holistic lifestyle, eating everything in moderation, eating to fuel your good, eating to feel your best. All the recipes on the blog will be delicious, some healthier than others and some simpler than others, find and create what feels right!