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Benefits of Mindfulness

Meditation has so many incredible benefits for every single person out there. Join me for a 30 Day Meditation Challenge. Read on...


Meal Prep 101

Meal Prep 101 Why is there all of this hype around meal prepping? Everywhere I look, people are sharing videos and pictures and posts of how to meal prep. Well, meal prepping can actually save your butt, on nights when the... Continue Reading →

Summer Skin Tips

Top Tips for Summer Skin Get Outdoors WITHOUT Sunscreen! You may be thinking to yourself, “Are you going bonkers, Elizabeth?! My dermatologist told me to always wear sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy!” To that I say, I may be going... Continue Reading →

Self Care & Self Love

May is a time when flowers burst open, Summer feels imminent, and the birds are singing like nobody’s listening (but everyone is listening!). Spring is full of change and excitement. But all too often with change comes anxiety and stress.... Continue Reading →

Top 10: One of a Kind Show

Whether I'm gifting to myself or my loved ones, the unique, one of a kind gifts are always hits! And it doesn't hurt that, I feel really great about supporting someone with a dream, working really hard to achieve it!... Continue Reading →

Fuel Goodness presents Songs for the Soul

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I'm balancing a million things at the moment. There will however be some new posts next week, with delicious recipes, can you say pulled pork?! Lasagna anyone?! On another note, this... Continue Reading →

My Playlist

If you read my get h{APP}y post  then you'll know that I love to have music on in the background, pretty much no matter what I'm doing. One of my favourite streaming services is Spotify but I am also obsessed with... Continue Reading →

get {h}APP{y} – October 2016 Edition

This will be a monthly series where I highlight my top three apps of the month. It will feature apps that help me maintain my healthy lifestyle, apps that put the user first, and apps that help me use the... Continue Reading →

International Day of the Girl 

Today, October 11th is a very important day. October 11th is recognized internationally as The Day of the Girl. This day recognizes girls' rights to education, health, and gender equality among others. October 11th was the date chosen because, on October... Continue Reading →

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