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Chicken Pot Pie

One of the ultimate comfort foods for me is Chicken Pot Pie. Normally found in the frozen section of the supermarket and tossed in the oven an hour before you have to run out the door. This Chicken Pot Pie... Continue Reading →


Great Day Smoothie 

I called this smoothie the Great Day Smoothie because, every time I drink this, it puts me in a great mood and I know it'll be a great day. This smoothie has been one of my favourite breakfasts lately. It's... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Mousse

Did you know that Chia is an incredible source of Omega 3 and 6! Chia seeds also are a great source of fibre and make an amazing thickening agent. These are some of the reasons that chia seeds are the... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Beet Chocolate Cupcakes

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we thought you might enjoy a festive take on a classic cupcake. Topped with a raspberry buttercream icing and chock full of raspberries and beets, you can enjoy these Gluten-Free cupcakes, completely guilt free. These cupcakes are refined sugar-free and... Continue Reading →


Holy guacamole! With Superbowl Sunday right around the corner, I thought you may need some healthy choices for game day snacks. Whether you're hosting a Superbowl Party or going to one (or just watching the half-time show ;)) you need... Continue Reading →

Lentil Falafels with Lemon Tahini Sauce

Happy Meatless Monday! Whether you follow a plant-based diet all the time or you just incorporate plant-based foods from time to time, this recipe is for you!  Falafels are generally made with chickpeas, unfortunately, I have a huge problem digesting... Continue Reading →

Hemp Heart Sundried Tomato Pesto

I've been testing out various pesto recipes and fell upon this magical combo. It is now a staple in our household and in about 10 minutes, it will be a staple in your household as well! I use dried sundried tomatoes... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Tahini Cups

Move over Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, there's a new kid in town - Chocolate Tahini Cups!  To preface the recipe I'm going to explain my rational for developing these nuggets of goodness. I will never believe in deprivation in terms... Continue Reading →

Beef Stew

This is one of the simplest recipes on the blog, but it is so completely comforting, warming, nourishing and delicious! This beef stew recipe is Paleo, Whole30 compliant, and gluten-free. If you are following any of those diets or lifestyles,... Continue Reading →

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