Top 5 Tips for Reducing Waste

It’s halfway through the first month of 2018. I bet at this point, you’re remembering your New Year’s Resolutions as things long gone, wistful memories that had no place and made no difference in 2018.

Well, if 2018 was going to be your year to clean up your act, save the world and waste less, this is the post to get you back on track, get you inspired and fired up about all the ways you can help the environment and save the world.

Picture 269,000 tons of water bottles, Lego pieces, disposable pens and lighters, take-out coffee lids, Barbie heads, detergent containers and a cornucopia of plastic bags

Now, I know what you’re asking yourself, or asking me through your computer screen, what difference are these tips actually going to make in saving the world? How much does it really matter if I’m using a disposable cup, or a plastic produce bag, or even a piece of plastic wrap to cover my leftovers?! Well, according to academic studies, there is approximately 5.25 trillion particles of plastic floating in the ocean. To put that into perspective, picture 269,000 tons of water bottles, Lego pieces, disposable pens and lighters, take-out coffee lids, Barbie heads, detergent containers and a cornucopia of plastic bags ranging in colours from black to blue to yellow and white, floating at the surface. Really we’ve created a rainbow of plastic floating in our water. So, if you’re still asking yourself if not using a plastic bag or asking for your drink without a straw, is going to make a difference, I promise you, it is!

So here goes nothing, my Top 5 Tips to reduce your waste!

1. Use a reusable cup: 

This is such an easy thing to adopt. Find yourself a really beautiful reusable ceramic or glass or stain steel travel mug, and take it everywhere, that way there’s no excuse for not having it. Bonus, ask for a mug when you’re staying at the coffee shop to sip and enjoy! In Toronto, paper cups with black plastic lids are not recyclable, the cups are lined with paper (unless otherwise stated) and dark plastic is garbage. I am so in love with my Keep Cup, you can get yours here! 

2. Don’t bag your produce:

You know those plastic produce bags, the ones on the big roll that you rip and bag your peppers or herbs or zucchini in? Don’t use them. When produce is kept in plastic, it cannot breathe so it goes bad faster, plus the water accumulates also causing spoilage faster. Plus you wash your produce before using it anyways, so why do you need to put it in a plastic bag to begin with. If you’re set on bagging your produce invest in some cloth bags, these cloth bags are my favourite!

3. Use a reusable bag: 

Try to avoid using plastic bags, plan your grocery shop out ahead of time, take your produce bags and your reusable bags with you. By planning out your grocery shop ahead of time, you also won’t be as tempted to buy food that you really don’t need or won’t use. You can plan your meals for the week and head to the grocery store organized and ready to go! Find a great reusable bag, and keep it in your purse or bag for those last minute grocery runs. I love these bags from 24 Carrot Co!

4. Skip the plastic wrap:

Use reusable containers to keep your leftovers in instead of plastic wrap. If you really need to use plastic wrap swap it for beeswax wrap, it works better than you could ever imagine. It’s perfect for wrapping up that half avocado or lemon, to keep it fresh. This Abeego beeswax wrap is my fave!

5. Ask for no straw: 

Straws are completely horrible for wildlife, turtles get straws stuck in their noses, plus straws are very unnecessary. However, if you’re like me, you drink more water when you have a straw in your glass. Swap your plastic straw for a glass or metal straw when you’re at home, pack your own straw for when you’re out and about or ask for no straw when you’re out for dinner! My favourite glass straws are available right here! 

What are your favourite tips for reducing waste? Let me know in the comments below!

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